Olieng’s Life Touched This Girl’s Life. But The Ending, So Heart-Breaking!05:58

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Olieng, a nice, fluffy dog, was once owned by an old lady who lives alone in her home. This good dog Olieng was the old woman’s only company since no other family member was with her for a long time. Everything went well until one day, a sad plight happened to the old lady which left Olieng an orphan dog.

After that incident which left Oleing alone, he was living a very sad life. But everything changed when a young girl shared a little of her time for Olieng. See how their friendship touched each other’s lives up top the very end. Watch how the young girl lived happily with Olieng even after he was gone. Were you touched by their story of friendship? Share to us how you felt after watching this video!

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