Owner of Dog Teases Him About Food. You Will Crack Up By The Dog’s Reaction!01:21

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Dogs love food so much! Be it dog food or same as what we also eat during our meals, they all love it. Dog food varies, according to what the owner wants to feed them and according to what the dog is capable of consuming. Mostly, dogs love meat and of course dog food. They love food which is crunchy like bones and dog crackers. Dogs also see food as a treat or reward to something they did excellently, especially to dogs who are trained and given food as a reward for being a good follower and performer.

And what do you think would your dog feel when you “tell” him about all his favorite food and then not letting him eat them? This “talking” dog was so disappointed and almost angry when he heard what his owner has to say about his favorite food, and some which the owner gave to the cat instead!

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