It Was Naptime. When Baby Panda Sneaks Away, Watch What Mama Panda Does!03:56

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Mamas are always trying to keep their children safe. Not just humans, but animals are the same. Take an example of this mama panda in the video below! Her little baby panda was trying to goof off and sneak off during nap time. What she did to secure her baby in place will leave you laughing out loud.

This video was taken in The Taipei Zoo. At first, we see this little baby panda wondering around the cabin. He was slowly exploring the place while his mama was having a quiet meal time. She must have thought her baby was sleeping soundly. So when she spotted her baby sneaking off, she immediately left her food and grabbed her baby with her mouth. She then took her baby back to the cabin and put him back to sleep.

What do you think about this adorable interaction between mama and baby panda? Let us know via comments!

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