He Went To A Dog Shelter As Soon As He Got Out Of Jail. Why? This Brought Me To Tears!03:52

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No one in the world is ‘mistake-proof’. Every once in a while we make small or big mistakes that sometimes change our lives forever. These two former prisoners also made a mistake in life and were jailed for their crimes. But when they walked out of the prison after years, they felt alone and dejected. However, their life was about to be changed completely and they didn’t yet know it.

Pedigree, the sponsor of this video, helped these two former prisoners find a friend in a dog shelter. They let both of them choose a dog from the shelter and let them adopt them. But what followed next is something truly worth watching! It just can’t be explained in words!

“You save a dog, and a dog will save you”. Watch this video and don’t forget to share your thoughts about it in the comments below!

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