An Animal Trainer Falls In Love With A Baby Polar Bear. Watch This Video To See How They Live With Each Other!03:38

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These cute and cuddly polar bears live throughout the Arctic and often, they are seen along the coasts or on the islands near the Arctic. Being near to sea ice is essential to polar bears since they are able to breed, hunt, and make their own dens where they give birth to baby polar bears. But it is also possible for them to live off the sea ice.

That is what happened to Agee, a polar bear who was trained by Mark Dumas. Agee was found by Mark when he was looking for a baby polar bear to train which will be used in a film. But Mark did not expect that he will have this special pet love for Agee. After the film was done, he already kept Agee as his own pet. Watch the video until the end to see how Agee adores him!

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