A Puggle Acts Like a Human in the Hot Tub! See What He Does When He Bathes On It!00:54

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Hot tubs are relaxing and used by people to let out their whole day’s stress. By soaking yourself in the warm water, your tired muscles will be relieved and relaxed. Some even add some essential oil or a special kind of salt to increase its relaxation and health benefits.

But this puggle loves the hot tub, too! Cuzzie, a puggle loves to imitate his Daddy. He wants to experience what he does, including soaking in a hot tub! What this puggle does and what his face looks like when he soaks into the hot tub is amusing. Watch the whole to video to see how he reacts when he soaks in hot water. Did Cuzzie make you smile? He made my day by just watching him!

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