She Put Her Twin Daughters In For Their 1st Double Bath. Now Keep Your Eye On The Left! Adorable!03:02

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The following video features a set of adorable twins that are going to leave you in stitches with their infectious laughter. Nothing beats a baby’s laughter. It is so freaking contagious isn’t it? Even if you are in a bad mood, it can lift you up in a matter of seconds! So why wait? Just watch this video and get your daily does of happiness!

This mom was giving her twin daughters their first double bath. But their reaction left even her in surprise and she couldn’t help laugh along. This video really melts my heart every time I watch it! These twins are around 9 and a half months old in this video and you are going to love it when their bubble bath time quickly turns into a giggle fest!

Watch this adorable video! Did you enjoy them laughing? Let us know your thoughts about this video in the comments!

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