Python Attacked THIS Alligator In The Pond. What Followed Next? Hold Your BREATH!03:00

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Alligators are the top predators in swamps. They have no natural predators, and have lived for millions of years, thanks to their successful hunting abilities. You’d never think another animal would even challenge an alligator. But this video shows a rare spectacle. A python had challenged an alligator for control over a prime territory, and the battle that followed was incredible.

An alligator has a crushing bite force, so initially, you’d think the python didn’t stand a chance. The alligator had bitten down on him, but the snake wasn’t done yet. He wrapped himself around the gator, and now the battle was between strength and endurance. The gator was stronger, but the python was able to endure through the bite. In the most surprising turn of events, the alligator fled, leaving the python victorious.

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