Cat Has Taken Over This Poor Dog’s Bed. What This Dog Does To Reclaim It?01:07

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It is often said that cats and dogs are mortal enemies. And most of all, cats are known to be afraid of dogs. Maybe it is because of the size or just nature. However, what you witness in the video will completely blow your mind. Instead of taking the lead and scaring off the cat, this dog in the video is having a hard time fighting for his bed.

In the video, we see Pixel an adorable French bulldog who is smaller in size than his feline best friend. He really wants his bed back but this kitty, his best friend, is taking over it. Poor Pixel barks and even tries to scare him off with his growl, but this kitty is just not ready to get off the cozy bed.

Isn’t that adorable? What are your thoughts about it? Let us know in the comments below!

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