Rescued Bear Steps Into Freedom For The First Time. But Watch Who Pops Up Behind Her…01:29

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Many wild animals are unrightfully held in captive all round the world by cruel people who don’t care for the well being of these creatures at all. The Ohio Dangerous Wild Animal Act which was recently passed protects wild animals like tigers, bears and lions from being held in captivity. Despite such law some people always find ways to break it.

These poor creatures are kept in tiny, dirty, disease-infected cages by roadside zoos who earn profit while these poor animals suffer and bears are very common victim of this cruel torture. Their teeth are mangled so that the handlers don’t get bitten and the poor animals are also most of the times declawed. They are always sick most of the time; some are emaciated while some are overweight. The cages they are bound to live in are so small that prevents them from moving completely.

This video shows a heart whelming rescue of 13 bears that were rescued and taken to The Wild Animal Sanctuary in Colorado. They were first released in large enclosures so that they could get used to with their new healthy environment .Soon they will be released to the Colorado wilderness.

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