She Is Just 7. But When You Hear Her Sing This Song, You’ll Be Breathless.02:03

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Rhema Marvanne is just 7 years old, but her incredible singing talent has made her famous all around the world. She mostly sings to speak to God and with her angelic voice leaves everyone mesmerized. This time, Rhema is here to give you goosebumps with her new rendition of ‘Star Spangled Banner’. She dedicates this song for all the brave soldiers who have sacrificed everything for us and our nation.

Rhema is a gospel singer and actress from Carrollton, Texas, U.S. According to her parents, she started singing the same time she began talking. She is a really talented child and had gained the fame when her first recorded song “Amazing Grace” at the age of 6 went viral in the internet. Within few months, she appeared in different television shows which increased her stardom.

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