Rubik’s Master Solved 3 Puzzles with Eyes Blindfolded!06:49

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Rubik’s cube was invented in the year 1974 by a Hungarian artist-sculptor and architecture Erno Rubik. It was originally called the Magic Cube. This simple yet complicated toy won the German Game of the Year during the year 1980. Rubik’s cube is also considered one of the world’s best selling toy. It is also played by many since then, ranging from adults, kids, males and females alike.

One of the avid players of Rubik’s cube is Flavian. In fact, it became a unique talent and worth sharing on Britain’s Got Talent! And what’s clearly amazing about how Flavian plays or solves the cube is that he does in with eyes blindfolded! Yes! Watch the video and you will see how the judges and audiences were surprised how he did it!

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