I Thought This Tiny Dog Was Playing Alone – But When I Saw His Best Friend? Unbelievable!01:33

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Even though we know that friendship comes in all shapes and sizes, we often don’t imagine dogs and cats being friends. They are taken as natural enemies. However, there have been more than enough videos to prove that cats and dogs can be friends as any other animals. And this video below is one of such examples! This is going to melt you down for sure!

Meet Ruggles, a tiny Shih-Tzu pup, and his new best friend Chomper a kitty. Both of them are rescues; Ruggles was rescued from a puppy mill while Chomper was found under a porch when she was less than two days old. Both of them know the importance of family and companionship so they have already formed an unbreakable bond even though they belong to completely different species.

Both of them were adopted few days after this video was uploaded. Watch this video and do share your precious comments with us in the COMMENTS section below!

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