It Was Supposed To Be A Tap Dance Performance. But What This Little Girl Did Is Just Hilarious!02:51

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Kids never cease to amaze adults. With their funny antics and weird sense of humor, they can leave any adult delighted to the core. But I can’t pin point if this girl in the video is trying to be funny, or she just forgot her dance routine. Whatever it is, this is no doubt the most hilarious video I have watched today.

This little tap dancer is surely one of a kind and a born superstar. While everyone else was genuinely following their normal dance steps and sticking up to what they had learned at the rehearsals, this girl, second from the right, was having her own way onstage. She was rebelling against the typical tap dance and leaving everyone in the audience floored!

I definitely loved this funny little girl. What about you? Let us know through your comments!

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