Sleepy Bulldog Does This Every Morning When His Owner Tries To Wake Him Up!00:53

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It is said that ‘early bird catches the worms’. Most of the people abide by this statement. However, not everyone is early birds. Especially those who like to work at nights definitely can’t be one. And such ‘late’ birds are the ones who absolutely don’t want anyone to disturb them early in the morning. Apparently, not just humans, but dogs can be ‘late’ birds too. This dog in the video thrashes the presumption that dogs like to wake up early and go out for the walk.

This adorable bulldog is always sleepy, especially early in the morning. He loves sleeping with his owner and doesn’t want to wake up till noon. But when his owner tries to wake him up, he has the most hilarious reaction ever! This canine definitely needs a dose of coffee to be fully awake!

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