Street dog is beaten by heartless monsters. But rescuers give him a 2nd chance & now he’s adopted03:56

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Luca, this dog in the video was rescued from the outskirt of a city in Romania. When he was found, he was in a dreadful situation. He had heavey wound all over his body. And not just physically, Luca was broken psychologically. He was scared of humans and could barely stand on his feet. According to the video description, it appeared that in some cases he was even tied to and dragged by a car.

Even though Luca almost gave up all hopes, his rescuers didn’t give up. They took him to a clinic and after a month of proper care, he was fully recovered. And thanks to American opera singer, Carol Byers, founder and president of Animal Care Austria, Luca left Romania and headed towards a beautiful life.

Watch how Luca recovered in the video. Share your thoughts with us through your comments below.

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