They Surprised This Horse With A Birthday Cake. But How This Horse Reacted Left Everyone Floored!00:27

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This video is the best thing you’ll see today. It features a hilarious horse who just loves when he is given a lot of attention. Apparently, it was his birthday and mom decided to surprise him with the cake, candles and a birthday song. Mom and her friends came to the barn and greeted this horse with the birthday surprise. However, the response they got in return left them rolling on the floor laughing!

JD is the favorite horse of Sarah. In the video, it can be clearly see how much Sarah and her friends love him. They went as far as to give a birthday surprise for JD. But when JD saw his cake and heard a birthday song, he couldn’t hold his excitement.

This video went viral within hours. You will know why when you watch it for yourself. If this made you smile then do share your thoughts with us in the comments section below!

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