Patrick Swayze Began Singing THIS Hit By Roy Orbinson. WHO Joined In Next? OMG!03:40

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Patrick Swayze has had a huge figure back in the day. He was perhaps best known for his role in “Dirty Dancing”. He is an incredible actor, but did you know Swayze was also an incredible singer, songwriter, and dancer as well? His untimely death meant he couldn’t share all his gifts to the world, but perhaps the following video will show a side of him rarely seen.

To pay tribute to the great Roy Orbison in 1990, Patrick Swayze decided to perform a Roy Orbison song onstage with Larry Gatling. This minimalistic performance of “Love Hurts” is sure to leave you in awe of Swayze! Their cover truly did justice to Orbinson’s work. You are going to be blown away by his voice. I bet your respect for Patrick elevated with this performance!

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