They Thought It Was A Normal Ride. But Moments Later? I NEVER Expected THAT To Happen! Yikes!03:15

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As humans, we are mostly inclined to adventures things. Some hike or go trekking, some go for jungle safari while most of the people try thrill ride to experience the sense of adventure. It is much close to watching horror movies as it gives the same sensation. Because of its popularity, amusement parks now-a-days have put up a lot of thrilling rides as their main attractions!

This video features one of the most spine tingling thrill ride I’ve ever seen. It is in Phantasialand in Germany and it is called Talocan; even the name sounds heavy. Since 2007 the Talocan has been leaving the amusement park visitors in goosebumps. It may seem scary at first but when you ride it once, you won’t be able to get enough of it.

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