14 Yr Old Asks An Older Woman To A Dance. Seconds Later? I Didn’t See That Coming!04:05

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Salsa is one of the dance forms out of many. Like any other dance forms, Salsa is also very difficult to master. For some it takes years to even get in good shape and become friendly with the dance routine. However, this boy featured in the video below is a total genius when it comes to salsa. Watch how he impresses everyone with his awesome dance steps.

This video was actually recorded during a concert. This 14 year old boy asked an older woman to dance with him and impressed her in an instance with his amazing and spontaneous salsa routine. I was quite shocked by his flawless talent and how he controlled his female partner even though they were dancing together for the first time.

That was incredible. Don’t you agree? Watch this video and share your thoughts with us in the comments below!

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