Poor Dog Is Extremely Scared Of Car Rides. What Dad Does To Calm Him Down? So Cute!00:45

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We all have those fearful moments when we can do absolutely nothing to overcome it. Some may have fear of heights, while others have fear of insects. Some of these fears also develop to be phobias. But all these fearful stimulus can be broken down with the help and support of our loved ones. This video below also features a little pup who is absolutely afraid of car rides. But you won’t believe what he does to calm down!

For Tommy, this adorable dog in the following video, car rides are absolute ‘no-no’. He is extremely afraid of it and doesn’t want to try it without holding hands with dad. Do what? Yes, you heard me right! Whenever dad takes him to the ride, he immediately asks dad for his hand. According to the owner, Adam, he tried putting Tommy on the back seat some time ago but it only made Tommy more anxious.

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