A Dog Trapped His Head in a Can. Watch This Video To See How He Got Out of It!02:04

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Have you experienced yourself being trapped or bound to something that you can’t free yourself of? Well, I have when I was a kid. It is such an annoying and helpless feeling especially when nobody comes to your rescue at once. You tend to toss and turn and look for ways to get out or get loose.

This is what happened when this dog trapped himself in a can of food? The dog wanted to eat and unluckily trapped his head in the can and he cannot get it out. Fortunately, this man saw “something” that trapped his head in a can. He wasn’t sure of what it was underneath. It could be a kitten, a puppy, or fox? Watch the video until the end to see how cute the trapped creature is and don’t forget to share with us your comment!

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