Doctor Hears A Pregnant Woman Cry. But When He Turns Around And Sees This… YIKES!01:17

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This video features the craziest untold ER story I’ve ever heard. ER is always a chaotic space. The most critical patients are admitted in ER, and the doctors have to look after every one them with care. They have to deal with some of the craziest cases in the hospital. However, even those doctors may not have seen something like this before! You will be completely shocked!

This video comes from a 2005 episode of “Untold Stories of the ER”. During the interview, Dr. Mauricio Heilbron says that it was one of the busiest times of the day in ER. He was already looking after a gunshot victim and a man whose small intestines were out of his body. Just when he thought that the day won’t get crazier, he heard a pregnant woman screaming. When he turned around to see what was happening, he saw a doctor rushing to the pregnant woman. But what happened next was beyond anyone’s imagination.

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