This Baby HATES Green Beans. But You Won’t BELIEVE What Dad Does To Feed It To Him! Funny!00:51

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It is really a struggle to feed your toddlers, especially the green veggies. First off, babies can’t sit quietly for more than a second, second they don’t want to eat the veggies that taste bad. This toddler in the video below is no exception. However, his dad has the most amazing solution for it! You won’t believe what this dad does to make him eat the green beans.

Every day, dad sings for his baby to eat his green beans. Yes… you heard me right! And not just any song! This dad sings a song with the lyrics which encourages the toddler to eat his veggies. It seems like this baby is really enchanted with his dad’s voice and this awesome rendition of “Lean On”.

Isn’t that epic? Watch this video and let us know your thoughts about it in the comments section!

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