3 Guys Step Forward To Sing This Timeless Classic By Leonard Cohen. When They Started? Beautiful!03:06

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Hallelujah, the timeless Christian classic by Leonard Cohen is no doubt one of the most renowned and praised song in the whole world. Even though it didn’t gain initial popularity as it should have, but over the years people have come to love this song even more. His song is masterpiece and I think no one can deny this fact. Even though its original version is the best one, I can’t help but praise this incredible rendition of this song by Celtic Thunder.

Celtic Thunder is an all-boy band who have been enthralling the world through their incredible Celtic songs. They are known to cover various gospel songs and even their own originals. Even though the original members keep changing in this group, the new members are also one of the bests.

I have become of great fan of this group because of this performance. What about you? Let us know in the comments!

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