Bride And Groom Were Ready For Their Vows. But Look At The Best Man’s Legs! LOL!03:20

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Even though we try to make our wedding day a special one and chaos free, there are bound to be one or two mistakes. As organizing a wedding day and reception is not an easy job to do, accidents occur. Take this video for an instance! This couple and their guests thought everything was going normal on this wedding day. But when they saw THIS at the altar, no one could stop laughing!

It was time to say the vows and to give each other rings. The best man of the wedding approached towards the groom when this hilarity happened; his pants came off. It was such an unpredictable accident and a hilarious one that no one could control their laughter. Even priest cracked up to see this.

Watch what happens next. Did you crack up to see this? Drop your thoughts in the section below!

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