This Diver Was Swimming On The Ocean Floor. But What He Encountered Next Had Me SPEECHLESS!01:06

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Life is full of surprises. But you won’t find a miracle until you get up to search for one. This photographer in the video has always wished to encounter the giant whale and capture its photograph. So he traveled all the way to the Auckland Islands in hopes of running into one. But the result of this expedition was much more than his heart could ever handle!

This National Geographic Photographer Brian, along with his diver went to ocean’s floor. They were trying to search for the majestic creature from the ocean. But to their surprise, this 45 foot whale himself swam curiously towards them and started inspecting. And it was then that Brian took this exhilarating photograph as a proof to the world. He says that his heart was pounding and mind was in mess. But he thought to himself that he absolutely cannot make a mistake and clicked the perfect picture.

Wasn’t that breathtaking? Watch this unbelievable video and share your thoughts with us in the comments!

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