An Old Widow Got Some Angels On Her Shoulder! Watch the Whole Video, So Touching!02:13

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When you are 90 years old and a widow, life might be so hard to get by. You eat, sleep, and talk alone. Your kids seldom visit you and even a phone call from them is so rare. Really, it is not a very nice stage of a person’s life. You have to deal with everything alone and you have nobody to call on to in times of emergency situations. But that is a reality that we must all face if we reach that old age.

This was what Agnes, an old widow had gone through, all by herself. She feeds herself with the little money she has and she gets by each day with her needs fairly well. But she has a concern! She cannot any more clean her house and her shed by herself because she is senile and has a hard time to walk. She calls somebody to help her with her problem. Who do you think she asked help from? See who helped her solve her long-time concern and what other surprises she got!

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