5 Women Walk Onstage To Sing “You Raise Me Up”. Keep Your Eyes On The One With The Violin…Amazing!05:18

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When you listen to a song and you’ve goosebumps all over your body, this is when you know that you have found an extraordinary song. There are only few songs which have an ability to do so and this song in the video is one of them. This video features all-female musical group called Celtic Woman covering ‘You Raise Me Up’ and it is just enthralling!

This song, ‘You Raise Me Up’ was originally written by Secret Garden in early 2000s, but it soon got a lot of popularity when Josh Groban released his version. There are many other artists who tried their hands on covering this song. However, this rendition by Celtic Woman is the best that I have ever heard.

Watch this wonderful performance in the video and share your thoughts about it in the comments section below!

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