This Sweet Chick Rests Peacefully Under A Cat’s Chin. See Why He Loves It So Much!00:31

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Animals have their own set of animal friends, too, just like us humans. Most commonly, they are friendly to animals of their own kind.  For example, lions associate well with their fellow lions, and so on. The same is true with cats and chickens. Cats love to play with their fellow cats and chickens avoid larger animals and run away from them.

Cats usually don’t like smaller creatures. They get irritated by their presence and tend to get rid of them. Also, normally, smaller creatures like tiny chicks don’t like the presence of cats which are bigger than them, but this chick proves to us that there is always an exemption to the rule. A cat and a chick love each other’s company so much that they sleep beside each other! Watch how they cuddle and sleep peacefully together!

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