High Risk Talent of an Escape Artist! Watch Him Risk His Life To Entertain the Crowd!04:03

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Demian Editya, a talented escape artist tests his amazing and rare talent in the famous show “Britain’s Got Talent”. Being practiced this talent number only once, he was telling the judges that he will be doing this only for the second time. If he fails to do the act, he could be buried alive in sand weighing 900 pounds!

He was handcuffed when he went inside the enclosed box. Then when he was lying down inside, his neck was also cuffed onto the board where he was lying down! You could not really believe what you will see in this video! All the judges and the audience were nervous, including his wife who was watching him survive what he was doing. Watch the whole video until the end and see what happened. Do you think he could survive the 900-pound sand above him?

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