She Starts Playing The Piano. But When Her 91 Yr Old Husband Hears Her? I’m In Tears!01:20

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With the increase in divorce rate in the world, we sometimes lose our hope in the ‘forever’ kind of love. But we should not yet forget that there are many such love stories which still look like they are just out of the fairy tale. This video also features one of such instances which will leave you beaming all day long.

This couple in the video has been in deep love with each other since they first met 50 years ago. Half a century ago, this couple vowed to love each other until the death separated them and both of them are truthfully keeping their promises together. Along with love, one thing they share is the love for music. You can easily see in the video that grandma loves to play piano and grandpa loves to dance on the piece that grandma plays.

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