Poor Toddler Can’t Find His Fork. Where It Actually Is? You’ll Crack Up To See This!00:42

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There is no doubt that children can make your life interesting. They are innocent, adorable and curious bunch who make those around them filled with happiness. However, they are naïve as well, which makes taking care of them even more interesting. Take this video for an instance! What this kid does to crack his mom up will leave you in stitches!

This poor toddler wanted to eat his dinner as fast as he can, but the only problem was his fork; he couldn’t find one. He had it some moments ago, but now he just couldn’t seem to find it. However, his mom and his sibling had already spotted it. Where was it? Right at his hands! Poor little guy searched everywhere but just couldn’t see it on his own hand.

Wait till you see how he finds his missing fork. Isn’t that hilarious? Let us know in the comments!

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