She Is Just 10 Yrs Old. But When She Sings THIS Song, Even Simon Cowell Is Hooked!02:44

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Natalie Okri is not your regular 10 year old. Even though she is quite young, she has a marvelous talent hidden inside. In the interview, she says that she has been singing since she was four. So obviously, she has had a lot of practices and control over her voice. But will she be able impress the judges from Britain’s Got Talent?

When Natalie got onstage and introduced herself to the judges, everyone was smitten. But they had yet to meet the real Natalie, the one who can sing incredibly. She says that she is going to sing “No One” by Alicia Keys and the judges are instantly impressed. But it was the moment she opened her mouth that left the crowd screaming in excitement.

She really is a super-star. What do you think about her performance? Let us know in the comments!

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