63 Deaf Dancers Walk Onstage, But When They Start Doing This With Their Hands… Spell-Binding!05:55

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Perfectly synchronizing with a group with 63 members is not an easy job. To add to that, imagine every one of the 63 dancers is deaf and can’t hear the music. You may say that it is not possible. However, these girls in the video below will show you that nothing is impossible if you just have the devotion and passion to do what you wish to do!

Chinese choreographer called Zhang Jigang compiled these 63 deaf girls to perform this enchanting routine of the goddess ‘Thousand Hand Guan Yin’. There are many legends behind this goddess. According to one myth, she was a normal girl who helped a sick king by donating her hands and eyes. That is why she later turned into a goddess with thousand hands and eyes. She is supposed to protect the world through her kindness and exceptional power.

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