She Was Abused EVERY DAY By Her Step-Father. But What These Bikers Did For Her? Whoa!06:28

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Kids are vulnerable physically and mentally, and parents should always protect them. But what happens when the guardians are the ones who become the abusers? Fa, this teen girl featured in the following video went through something similar. She was only 10 when her mother remarried and the step-father continuously abused her. She was devastated and depressed, but fortunately, guardian angels were on their way to save her.

Biker group called BACA (Bikers Against Child Abuse) came into Fa’s life and changed everything for her. They rode in with their bikes and guarded her house until she felt safe. They even rode with her to the court and in her school. Because of the members of BACA, Fa was able to come out of her shell and fight for her justice.

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